C.Y.O. Camp Brébeuf is currently accepting applications for the following positions: 




Outdoor Education 

We are currently accepting applications for:

Outdoor Education Programmers – Fall 2017
Programmers are responsible for facilitating outdoor adventure and educational activities for school groups attending camp. 
For more information about this position please check here: OE Job description

What we look for in all of our staff:
Committed to Vision and Values: Demonstrates and promotes a personal understanding of and appreciation for the mission, vision, strategic outcomes and values of Y.O. Camp Brébeuf.

Child and Youth Focused: Creates a caring and supportive environment. Ensures program design and physical lay-out meets the needs of children and youth.

Problem Solving: Identifies an issue and works towards solutions.

Initiative and Teamwork: The ability to be proactive within the organizational priorities. Participates proactively in the development of team goals, plans and outcomes.

Leadership: Guides, motivates and inspires self and others to take action to achieve desired outcomes. Is a role model to others.

Diversity: Appreciates that people with different opinions, backgrounds and characteristics bring richness to Y.O. Camp Brébeuf. Promotes fairness and respect while making every effort to educate self and others about diversity.