Meet the Staff

Kristy Drost

Camp Director

Every summer since the age of sixteen Kristy has been working at summer camps. Naturally when it came time to choose a career she wanted to work outdoors. Now in her tenth year at C.Y.O. Camp Brébeuf and as the Director, Kristy will continue to work with the Outdoor Education program, while overseeing the rest of camp. A graduate from Fleming College with two diplomas in Outdoor Recreation and Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism Management, Kristy enjoys using her skills at C.Y.O. Camp Brébeuf.

Kristy has recently returned to work from maternity leave and is looking forward to working with school groups and upcoming summer. 


Katie Moncrieffe

C.Y.O. Consultant to Youth Ministry

Katie began working at C.Y.O. Camp Brébeuf in 2006 as an outdoor education programmer.  She has worked at camp in a variety of positions, these include O.E. programmer, faith programmer, and wellness coordinator. She left camp to obtain her E.C.E. from Mohawk college and has since returned as our office manager and youth ministry consultant. Katie completed her Youth Evangelization Certificate from Newman Theological College in May 2015.  She is excited to work with and grow youth ministry in the Hamilton Diocese.
Katie will be away on maternity leave starting in August 2017. During this time James will be taking over the role of Youth Ministry Consultant and can be contacted if you have any questions. 



Jason Gordon

Summer Camp Director 

Jason has worked at C.Y.O. Camp Brébeuf since 2010, working in number of positions including O.E. programmer, Head Lifeguard and Summer Camp Director. Originally from Northern Ontario, Jason grew-up in the outdoors, and has grown to appreciate the positive influences that time spent in the outdoors can have on people. A graduate from the University of Waterloo in Environmental Studies, and Nipissing University in the Bachelor of Education, Jason enjoys having the chance to apply his knowledge in the outdoors and teach outside of the walls of a traditional classroom.

Jason will be filling in for Kristy Drost during her maternity leave, starting in September 2016.



James McCowell

IMG_0943Office Manager/Youth Ministry Consultant

James has worked at C.Y.O. Camp Brébeuf since the summer of 2008, working in number of positions including Maintenance, Counsellor, Program Staff, Support Staff and Program Coordinator during the summer and Outdoor Education Programmer during the spring. After a year at the C.Y.O. Head Office as the Athletics Coordinator, James is happy to be back at Camp Brébeuf. A graduate from Brock University in Social Sciences and Conestoga College in Recreation and Leisure Services, James is eager to share his passion for outdoor recreation.

James will be filling in for Katie Moncrieffe during her maternity leave, starting in July 2017



Kris Drost

Office Manager

Kris started working at C.Y.O. Camp Brébeuf in 2007 as a programmer with the Outdoor Education program and as the Maintenance Assistant in the summer. He came back for a second spring season in 2008 and had another successful summer as the Out-trip Coordinator. After working a few years for a company in St. Jacobs, Kris has returned to camp as assistant maintenance.  In fall 2016 Kris joined the office team as office manager.   As a graduate of Fleming College with a diploma as a Fish and Wildlife Technician, Kris enjoys the outdoors and is happy to be back at Camp Brébeuf.
Kris is currently away on parental leave. If you have any questions regarding the office or registration please contact James. 



Tom Egan

Maintenance Manager

Tom is a lifelong resident of Guelph and a member of the St. Joseph parish community. As the Maintenance Manager, he is thoroughly committed to providing a safe, clean and healthy environment at Camp Brébeuf. With the assistance of all staff, Tom will ensure that the facilities and grounds will be maintained to the highest level of standards possible, thus enhancing the camp experience for all participants.



Shirley Anstey

Head Cook

Shirley has worked with children for over 25 years. She started her career as Pre-School Director for the Kitchener YMCA and has worked both as a paid staff and volunteer in many other positions working with children off all ages. She is a member of St. John the Baptist Parish and was an adult youth group leader as well as a member of the Sacramental Preparation Program team. She has worked in the food industry for over five years and has been at Camp Brébeuf for eight years. As Head Cook at Camp Brébeuf, Shirley is dedicated to providing nutritious, well balanced meals to all who visit camp. If there are any dietary questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Shirley at Camp Brébeuf, she will be happy to speak with you.