Frequently Asked Summer Camp Questions

What does a typical day/week look like?

Each age group has different time lines and programming areas they used, based off of their age. However, ALL camper’s days are quite similar in what takes place. For example, every day, campers will:

  • Have two snack breaks and lunch
  • Do one hour of swimming
  • Do one of our core programs – examples are. archery, boating, crafts, fishing, sports, mud kitchen, ABCs
  • Have an hour of free time (with their group), typically they play games, repeat activities, go for a hike, have a campfire, etc.
  • Participate in a camper choice rotation, where campers select a specialty activity off a list based off of their interest

 How do I select the best theme?

The themed weeks are more to keep the campers who attend all summer entertained! We change up our morning/closing announcements, crafts and dress up day to incorporate the theme, but the rest of the week keeps the same overall focus.

 How often are campers outside, do they ever go in?

We are outside at camp 90% of the day, although some of that day is spent under the pavilion or in the shaded forest, we are still outside. The only times we ever come inside for longer periods is during severe weather (ie. Thunder storms) or extreme heat (40+).

What are your ratios and how are your groups put together?

Our program ratio is 8 campers to every 1 staff member and our groups are separated first by gender, than by age. We start with the youngest camper and count up.

What if I select a group request with a few years separating the kids (ie. One is 7 and one 9)?

In this case, we would meet the campers in the middle of the ages and have them with mainly kids their age or the mix of ages between them. We can only honor this if they are a few years apart. Unfortunately, we cannot put a 4 year old and 12 years old in the same group.

What if I select a group request with children that are a different gender?

In this case, we would put the campers in groups that are side by side and rotate to all of the activities together. Although they will have different group counsellors, this will allow them to spend 90% of their days together.

What if my child does not turn 4 until after the summer?

Unfortunately, the government has stated that campers must be 4 years old prior to attending camp, therefore we must honour this.

What does my child need to bring with them to camp?

What are the dates and themes for this summer?

What kind of training do the staff receive?

Our staff goes through pretty invasive online and in person training. They all must have first aid certification and carry a current Police Record Check. We also have a large crew of activity heads, who specialize in off and on site training, to ensure they are delivering the best quality of the program. These programmers are found at archery, boating, fishing, crafts and the pools. We also staff a very experienced support team, who are constantly roaming the property assisting with supervision of staff and campers.

Can I drive my child to and from camp every day/do they have to take the bus?

We normally do not allow parents to drive their kids in unless they are doing before and after care which is an extra $10 a day. We do this because we have from 8-10 buses coming into the camp location every day and we want laneway clear of other cars. We also bus in all of our staff and so have no supervision on site, outside of that that is provided for the B&A Program.

What are your bus locations and times?

How do I change my child’s week or add another week of camp?

No new form is needed, just an email with the requested dates (and permission to take the money off if you’re adding a week) will do or, feel free to log into your account at any point, to add and adjust weeks.

 How do I change my credit card on file?

You can log into your  account at any time to edit your payment plan or make a payment. If you are having any trouble, please feel free to call us and we would be happy to take care of it on our end.

 What if I need to cancel my camp week/what is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations must be received by C.Y.O. Camp Marydale 10 days prior to the start of the each session to be eligible to receive a refund of the balance, excluding deposit, for that session. Special cancellation circumstances may be made within 10 days of the session starting for medical reasons. Exceptions are reviewed on a case by case basis. In all cases, there is no refund for deposits. Deposits are non-refundable.

What are your Methods of Payment?

C.Y.O. Camp Marydale accepts Visa, Mastercard, Visa Debit or Cheques (made payable to C.Y.O. Camp Marydale).

Does your camp accept government/city subsidy?

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to accept government funding, however, we do our own in house fundraiser to create a campership assistance program. For information on this, or how to apply, please send us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.