Teddy Bear Skit

Single chair center stage, actors begin offstage. Entire skit is preformed without dialogue.

1st Person-carries a teddy bear in and lovingly places it on the chair

2nd Person-walks in, knocks the TB off the chair, sits down…looks at watch and exits

3rd Person-walks in, uses teddy bear as a hacky sack…gets bored, exits

4th Person- walks in tired, sits down and lounges trying to get comfortable…sees the teddy bear and uses it as a pillow, still uncomfortable they exit

Group  (5th, 6th, 7th)- run in, use teddy bear as a ball to play a game…throw aside and exit

Girl (8th)- walks in very distressed and uses the teddy bear for sympathy; to cry on, lean on, wipe tears on, hug.  Suddenly a guy (9th) struts into the room and attempts to entice the girl.  Girl drops the teddy bear and walks with the guy off stage arm in arm.

Guy (9th) Upon existing the stage, the girl slaps the guy and storms away.  Guy angrily uses the Teddy bear vent frustrations.  Throws it down, picks at it, mistreats it…finally exits.

Friends (10th and 11th)-Walk in without seeing Teddy bear on the ground.  Trample the teddy bear as they walk by the chair.

12th Person- Walks in and realizes that they have no money.  Sees Teddy bear and makes a “For Sale sign $5” sign.  Sits down and tries to sell the Teddy bear without success.

Finally 1st person walks in, sees Teddy bear, reflects, buys it, brushes it off, puts it back in the chair and exits.