Listen to Me

The Main Character enters the stage obviously distressed and sad about something.  He approaches a park bench and sits down sadly gazing forward.


Each character that enters greets the main character and observes that they look a bit down.  The main character responds (at first willingly and subsequently more and more reservedly) that his girlfriend broke up with him.  Each character reponds to this news in a different way…

Friend # 1: (emphatic)  “That SUCKS – don’t worry though, there are plenty of girls out there.  I’m sure       you’ll find another one… Gotta go, hope you feel better man.”


Friend # 2: (distracted) “Hey look at that funny looking car!… Sure wouldn’t want to be the guy driving that, hey?  Sorry… what were you saying?… Wow! Where did you get those shoes!  Those are the nicest shoes I’ve ever seen – how much did you pay for those?  Those are cool.  I’m gonna go get myself a pair.  See ya later.”


Friend # 3: (out of it)  “Whoa… that’s crazy… Welp, see you later”


Friend # 4: (pitying)   “Ohhh no.  That’s awful!  You must feel terrible.  Oh that really is sad… You made such a good couple.  And she’s such a great girl… Aww, that’s really too bad.  I know what you need… you need some ice-cream to cheer you up.  I’ll go get you some…Oh, that’s so sad….


Friend #5: (condemning)  “You know what, that’s pretty shallow…  There is a threat of nuclear war, civil unrest in the Middle East, poverty in South America is at an all time high,  rainforests in Congo are being clear – cut as we speak, and hundreds of people died today simply because they didn’t have access to clean drinking water.  And you’re upset because your girlfriend broke up with you?  Get with the program… stop thinking about only yourself.”


Friend #6: (talkative) ”Yeah, that happened to me once – I know exactly how you feel…”(proceeds to tell the whole story)… “Don’t worry, you’ll get over it.  I know I did.”


Friend #7: (sleezy)  {name of girl}? Now way?  You mean’s she’s available…” (sliding over on bench) “well I’m… um… sorry to hear about that… um… ah… I’ve gotta get going… bye” (kind of excited)


Friend #8: (listening) Asks some questions showing genuine concern… “Hey… let’s go discuss this over a coffee or something; my treat.”