Rope Analogy

This skit is performed without any dialogue to the song “Everything” by Lifehouse.  The characters are as follows.


Characters:                     Guy                                                                            Props:   “Beer” cans

                                            Shoplifter Friend                                                                  Chocolate Bar

                                            Party Friends (x2)                                                                 Pills

                                            Druggie Friend                                                                      Rope

                                            Sexy Lady                                                                                 Costumes

                                            Pill Popper



The song begins with the room darkened and a light shining on a rope laying on the stage slowly grows brighter.

The main actor, Guy enters slowly and approaches the rope with a curious look on his face.  He picks it up, looks at it, and puts ti back down. (Enter shoplifter friend)

The two friends meet and the shoplifting friend points to a chocolate bar on the ground encouraging Guy to take it.  Guy looks sceptical but after some persuasion, Guy takes the chocolate bar and the friend congratulates him, gives him one end of the rope and taking the other himself.  They begin a slow motion tug of war… (Enter Party Friends)

Party friends laughing and drinking approach Guy and circle around him laughing joking and pressuring him.  After a few moments thy join the shoplifting friend and tug on the rope the opposite direction as Guy.  Guy strains more as he continues to tug in slow motion… (Enter Duggie friend)

Druggie friend approaches and smokes up in front of Guy offering him some as well.  Guy refuses at first but after persuasion looks interested.  The Druggie friend joins the other end of the rope and pulls against Guy.  Guy begins to look fatigued from all the pulling but continues to pull in slow motion… (Enter Sexy Lady)

Sexy Lady dances towards guy provocatively and rubs his shoulders.  Guy enjoys the attention and after a few moments the sexy lady joins the other side of the rope.  Guy falls to his knees exhausted but continues to pull on the rope.. (Enter Pill Popper)

Pill popper enters slowly and sadly and approaches and offers Guy some pills.  After pressuring him for a few moments.  Guy looks longingly at the pills and the Pill popper walks to the other end of the rope and begins to pull.  Guy gets lower and lower but still pulls the rope in slow motion…

(At the climax of the song – “You’re all I want, you’re all I need, everything, everything” – Jesus enters the stage with a light on him and walks towards Guy concerned)

Jesus slowly helps Guy up onto his feet again and gets him to slowly let go of the rope.  Guy lets go of the rope and hugs Jesus.  The others exit the stage and the lights dim as the song fades to the end.