Diocese of Hamilton

C.Y.O. Champions - Crusader Athletics

Since 1958,the C.Y.O. has coordinated several different athletic programs including baseball, basketball, boxing, cross country, flag football, hockey, soccer, volleyball and track & field. Our focus has always remained the same; to allow children and youth the opportunity, regardless of their ability, to compete. Today, over 25,000 students participate each year in our 5 core Crusader Athletic programs: Flag Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Track & Field and Cross Country meets.

“What does it take to be a champion? Desire, dedication, determination, concentration and the will to win” -Patty Berg                               

To see a list of C.Y.O. Champions dating all the way back in 1958 click here 

Please note that records for C.Y.O. Boxing and Hockey were not recorded and we are unable to provide detailed records.


For more information about our C.Y.O. Crusader Athletic Program
Please contact:
Carla Underhill, Program Director
Phone: 905-528-0011, ext 3604
Email: carla.underhill@cyo.on.ca