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‘One to One’ Program


One to One Anniversary LogoChildren with Special Needs Camping Program

In 1972, the C.Y.O. was one of the first camps in Ontario to integrate special needs children, ages 6 to 13 years old, into our mainstream camping programs.  Our unique ‘One-to-One’ program offers short-term respite care by ensuring that a dedicated counsellor is given special training to handle the responsibility and challenges of providing assisted care to these special children while they participate in our C.Y.O. camping programs.

Over 11,000 children with special needs in our community have benefited from this unique ‘One-to-One’ Program. This service is available at our residential camp, Camp Brébeuf  and our inner-city summer day camp Camp Marydale. 

‘One-to-One’ Program - Children with Special Needs

The C.Y.O. ‘One-to-One’ program is available to families who have a child with a special need.  Many families that request our ‘One-to-One’ Program have children that have any combination of the following physical, behavioural and/or developmental disabilities, such as: Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy, Hearing & Visual impairment, Angelman Syndrome, Scoliosis, Down’s syndrome, ADD / ADHD and Autism, just to name a few.  Click here for more information about our ‘One-to-One’ program.

‘One-to-One’ Counsellors - Providing Respite Care

Our ‘One-to-One’ counsellors provide 24/7 respite care and assist the child in walking, eating, hygiene requirements as well as taking their medications.  Our ‘One-to-One’ counsellors offer peace-of-mind to families knowing, that their child is receiving safe and caring supportive service, while offering their child the opportunity to participate in our camping programs and activities along with their able bodied friends.

Sponsor-A-Camper… “Because Every Child Deserves to Play”

Camp subsidies are available to ensure that our ‘One-to-One’ Camper families do not pay any more than any other able-bodied camper wishing to participate in our residential and/or summer day camp programs.

To sponsor a ‘One-to-One’ Camper, please Click here to make a Donation.


Want More Information?
Karen Hartnett, Camp Marydale Director
Phone: 905 528-0011, ext 3602
Email: karen.hartnett@cyo.on.ca
Camp Marydale Website

Kristy Drost, Camp Brébeuf Director
Phone: 519-856-4671
Email: kristy@campbrebuef.ca
Camp Brébeuf website